Weekly Employee Re-Up Webinar

Weekly Employee Re-Up Webinar

Weekly Employee Re-Up Webinar

***When you sign up we offer you to have 10 minute One on One Coaching Call to put a face with a name and welcome you to the group***

This weekly webinar presents ideas and tips for everyday work and living as an Employee. We provide generalized guidance and support for life coaching and business coaching. You get to ask questions about the topic throughout the webinar. This allows for an affordable entry point to experience the value of Work Place & Personal Development.

Private & Confidential

The webinar does not share your name, personal details, or image. Only Coaches and Facilitators can see you online.

Live Online Virtual Webinar Format
  • Opening Comments
  • Presentation of a Business Principle or Life Lesson 20-30 min
  • Open Up For Questions In Chat About Presentation 15-20 min
  • Questions That Were Previously Submitted Will Be Answered With The Remaining Time

Presentation Topics
  • The Importance Of Being Helpful
  • Why Am I Not Getting A Pay Increase
  • Why Should I Care About The Competition
  • What Is Like To Start & Run A Business
  • Let’s Step Back To Where It Started – Promises Were Made
  • How Can I Be More Useful
  • Put On Your Body Armour For Work & Life
  • Why Does Personal Branding Matter As An Employee
  • Why We Should Do More & Be More
  • Change Is Coming – Be Part Of It
  • Understanding The Employee-Employer Relationship
  • Why We Should Embrace The Many Hats
  • What Could We Change Today To Improve Our Perspective Tomorrow
  • Why Am I Struggling To Achieve My Goals
  • Into Action & Forward Motion
$99.00 per Month Membership Recurring Billing Until Cancelled. Allows Access To Additional Content

Following signup and subscription you will be notified of the weekly meeting time, normally in the evening around 8 pm EST.

Replays Will Be Posted In Your Membership Account Each Week For Later Viewing

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Life Coach & Business Mentor

Life coaches have become an increasingly common presence across various fields such as business, fitness and relationships. Individuals hire them to provide motivation, support and guidance during times of struggle and can use them to overcome any barriers or hurdles they encounter. Coaches serve as mentors guiding clients toward finding opportunities for growth while helping identify any limiting beliefs and helping them overcome self-doubt or fear. Willis Coaching provides a learning platform for Life Coaching Young Adults and Teens presenting ideas that help individuals form their own beliefs and direction. Life coaches differ from therapists in that they don't focus on treating mental disorders through psychotherapeutic techniques but instead on creating a vision for the future and encouraging personal development.

Price $99.00
Instructor Willis
Duration 0 weeks
Enrolled 25 students

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